What We Do Matters

What We Do Matters

99% of our learning comes from what we see and what we hear. 93% of communication is done in a non-verbal way. What we do matters.

You might be doing something really important like writing a report or logging an activity but if you are doing it from the lobby sitting down somebody sees you on an iPhone or iPad, what do they see? They see somebody playing World of Warcraft. That creates perception. That’s how we see things.

So many years ago, I was sitting…I was driving through traffic and I see these five guys they were sitting off to the side of the road. They all have white helmets on. There was this one guy sitting in a ditch and he’s got a burlap sack and he’s trying to fill it with dirt and a shovel. And then I see this big orange sign that says: Slow Men Working. Wow, you’re not kidding! I grew a perception of what I saw.

The same thing happens to those that see us. When they’re seeing us working, they immediately look back and they go: Oh! There’s that guard…Oh! Lazy security…or…on the flip of that…Wow! That security seems to really be attentive. That’s what’s powerful about what we do and how we do it.

On this Workshop Wednesday, as you continue to move through your properties today and tomorrow, be valuable because nothing less will do. Thank you.