Be Thankful

Be Thankful

Hey team, look at this!! Wednesday Workshop! Wednesday Workshop, here we are. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. How many of you guys are excited?

I wanted to just reach out to you and say thank you. That’s the one thing I can tell you right now. I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful for you being a part of this team and being here all year long. I want to say thank you to each and every team member for their dedication, the hard work. For owning it. Showing their investment, for having humility. For being valuable because nothing less will do. For eating cake, for showing transparency, and for having resolve.

I want you to know that because you’re showing your core values we keep growing and we keep seeing great new things. We need some more team members. Some more people to be a part of the team and I want you to help us find those people.

But more importantly, I want you to have a safe Thanksgiving. I want you to enjoy time next tomorrow with your family.

The best way to do that? If you’re sitting here right now watching this video today, this morning and you have not yet pulled your turkey out of the freezer, go get it out of the freezer. It takes a lot of time to defrost a complete turkey. You might want to put it in some warm water and let it defrost as quickly as possible but you want to be careful. If you’re using a deep fryer, you do not want to put a half-frozen turkey in a deep fryer. We’re talking 375 to 400 degrees. The flash point of oil is 475 degrees so you need to pay attention to your temperature. There are houses that burn down every year because people don’t use deep fryers properly. So please use your deep fryers properly.

If like us, the Withrow family, we usually use this weekend time frame to set up our Christmas tree and set out the Christmas stuff and the decorations and all that kind of stuff. So I hope you have a safe time doing that. If you’re climbing ladders. make sure you have somebody to hold the ladder. That’s part of humility. Hold the ladder. Hold the light. Make sure you’re either holding the ladder or if you’re on the ladder, you have somebody holding your ladder to keep you safe. We want you to be safe this Thanksgiving and these holiday seasons.

Guys, again, I just wanted to say thank you. Have a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy your turkey, enjoy your ham, enjoy your stuffing, enjoy the green beans, the cornbread, and the pumpkin pie. The things that you have that are favorite recipes, a part of your family. I pray that you guys enjoy it.

Remember that tomorrow there are some team members that are going to be working during the day. Some team members are going to have to start working that night. We’re going to have some people out in the cold. We’re going to be dealing with and having clients that might be getting broken into by people that are doing nefarious things. We have people in harm’s way. We also have our military soldiers around the world in harm’s way. So say a little prayer for them while you’re sitting and being thankful that you’re home with your family. Some of our team members are going to be sacrificing and showing their resolve. They will be showing their hard work and their dedication this week, tomorrow because they’re working.

I want to say a special thank you to you guys for doing that. Yeah, you get paid time and a half but you are giving something up on a nice holiday. You’re going to be taking care of all of our clients in our community so thank you for that.

All right, guys until next Wednesday. Be valuable because nothing less will do. I’ll see you then.