Do You Feel Valued?

Do You Feel Valued?

Morning team. So, we’re getting back into a new year. 2022 is upon us, and all last year, we rolled out videos and information. Monday Messages, one right after another – talking about our core values from lots of different vantage points: about being valuable, having resolve, transparency, and investment, all those things. It was recently brought to my attention, and I agree, that these core values are not just about what we do or what you should do for clients and for team members here. But at the same time, you should feel it from the company to you. You should feel valued. I don’t know if that’s true for everyone; I don’t know if everybody here feels truly valuable. Or like we value you.

So, I want to ask, do you? I would like an answer, I really do. We say it all the time – be valuable because nothing less will do. Well the same should happen from us. We should be valuable to you because nothing less will do. I know that we go through great strides to try to do that and we may be falling short in some areas and I want to know where those are. Do you feel valued? Do you feel loved, do you feel appreciated?

January’s upon us, and we just gave nearly every team member a $2,000 raise. I would like to think that makes people feel some value. We gave a bunch of prizes away and we’re just now giving away two trucks to two team members. I wish I could give a truck to everybody, but I obviously can’t. It’s not just a tangible gift. Sometimes it’s a perceived gift. That’s what we say, right? Our core values and our core purpose – that value is both tangible, like what I just talked about (the tangible things like money, prizes, gifts, wheel spins, gift cards, and all those things – those are tangible gifts, telling you how much we appreciate you for your value), but it’s also a perceived gift.

Do you perceive that we value you? Are we showing it in our words and our conduct from leadership? Is it trickling down not just to your bank account, but to your heart? I’m asking seriously because I want so badly for our company to be valuable to you. I want you to feel valued. If you don’t, I would like you to send us an email. Send me an email. You don’t even need to pass it through a leadership; you can send it directly to because I am very concerned and want to make sure that you feel valued. If you do feel valued, I would also like to hear it because encouragement is a very good thing for all of us.

So as we’re marching into 2022, I personally want to be valuable to you because nothing less will do. How can I do that better? Please share that with me. And until next week, let’s keep being valuable to each other and to our community that we serve and care about because nothing less will do. See you next week, guys. God bless.