Conquer Small Things

conquer small things

Hey team. Good morning and happy Wednesday. All right. You guys are watching this on Wednesday. It happens to be Sunday for me and believe it or not, I don’t tape these just before I send them. Tomorrow I have surgery so I’m going to be taping a couple of different posts for the remainder of the next couple weeks because I don’t know what this is going to be like for me. This is my third surgery in literally three and a half months but I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the New Year.

Napoleon said the only conquest that is permanent and worth anything is the conquest of ourselves. So what does that mean? Well, I’ve had young men and women come to me from time to time and they always want more responsibility. Well, they already have responsibility. You’ve got to be faithful in the little things if you’re going to be faithful in more things.

There are times, those that have been in leadership class have read the book, the Go-Getter. The trial of the blue vase happens and that was all a setup to prepare that young man to see if he was true to who he was. That he could accomplish the mission, that he would go through the trials, the temptations, and the toughness of life to accomplish a mission because they were planning to send him halfway around the world to be in charge of something very big and monumental.

So what kind of trials are you getting at Northwest Enforcement?

I mean we start off with can you show up to work on time? Can you not call off because you have a headache, can you polish your shoes? Can you wear clean clothes, can you brush your teeth? Do you use deodorant? We start off with small stuff and when you’re excellent at those things then we maybe pile on a few more things. As time goes on you prove yourself to be more and I’ve seen it time and time again in some of our young men and women. They rise to the challenge. They become excellent.

And every so often somebody shrinks. they fall short of excellence. sometimes when they fall short they dust off they pick up they learn a lesson and they continue to climb. sometimes they go by the wayside they leave and they quit the company these things all happen from time to time. Do you want more responsibility?

The first thing you need to conquer is yourself.

I like that Napoleon quote because you must conquer who you are and what you’re made of before you can conquer anything else. You have to conquer the small things. Some of you might have set New Year’s resolutions this year. I might talk about that a little later. Some of you might have decided you’re going to read more. Maybe you’re going to take a class, maybe you’re going to do something different. Or maybe you’re planning on losing a little bit of weight so that you feel better. Maybe you’re planning on taking up exercise. I get it. I’ve been there too and I’ll talk about what I think about some of those things in a later post. But what I want to talk about is being faithful to the little things, like watching a Wednesday message. So you’re watching this Wednesday message…

Here’s my first challenge to you. The first thing to conquer.

Get five people, five other people that work here at Northwest Enforcement to view the message. Get them to send an email to Lindsay. Five other people to mention that you told them to watch the message and that they watched it and have them talk about what I just said. Better yet those five people, if five people mention your name in their post to Lindsay, you are in the running for fifty dollars. But here’s the better catch…

Okay, if those five people get five other people to watch the message then you’re in for a hundred dollars. So not only were you in for 50 but you’re in for another run of another group of people. They got five people to get five people to watch. Now here’s the catch, I’m gonna double that if the five people that get five people to watch and those five people get five people to watch then they’re in for two hundred dollars. That’s right! So we have a 50, 100 and a 200. Pretty simple, all you have to do is get five people to watch. If those five people get five people to watch, there you go.

If five people get another five people to watch well there you have it. Can you get five people to mention your name? That’s in for a hundred bucks. Can those five people get another five people to watch? You’re in for another 200 bucks, simple as that. All they have to do is mention your name or mention the person’s name before them and each of them will be in for a succession thing. What is my goal?

My goal is for people to be watching the Monday and Wednesday messages.

So we might do this from time to time. I want people to start watching these messages because they are impactful and they do something for the company. This is my way of communicating with you. So here in 2022, I would like you to join me as a leader within the company and get others to watch these messages. Let’s make this be something that we can all communicate on the same level across the board. If there’s something you want to know or something you want to hear about, some kind of piece of information that we’re falling short of giving you, please let us know.

All right, it’s been a beautiful Workshop Wednesday. You guys have a wonderful, exciting rest of your week, and be valuable because nothing less will do. Talk to you later. Bye.