Hey Team. All right. It is Workshop Wednesday. And I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you guys how much I appreciate you.

These last few weeks and even the last couple of months, Karen and I have had multiple opportunities to be in the room with some pretty influential players in our community. Including mayors from a couple of different jurisdictions. In each of these meetings that have played out with the ability to sit down with high influential police chiefs are orchestrated by these people. We did not seek them out.

As a matter of fact, today I’m going up and I’m going to be speaking to another group. And we’re going to end up being on the radio up in the Longview area. And a lot of these things are people seeking us out to talk to us. I’ve had business groups and things like that. And it all comes back to the value, that perceived value that we, that you give every day. Be valuable because nothing less will do. And it’s that mantra, that example that you show every day, with your work ethic and how you work, that makes that possible. That doesn’t fall short on Karen and I. And so we wanted to say thank you for everything that you’re continuing to do.

The Workshop Wednesday model is about building upon successes and explaining little key traits and different things of how to do stuff. But today, I wanted to just take a step out. We’re in the third month. One of our successes in our CEIC team is last year we got six people into housing. I want you to think about that for a second. Six people live in a home and not on the street. That’s so powerful. It’s such a neat thing. And the team works so tirelessly and so hard, and that’s double the number they did the year before.

But here’s the great news. At last count that I know of, and it might be even more today, is at the end of February, just in January and February alone, we got seven people housed. That’s seven people this year. We’ve already beat last year’s numbers and it only took us two months. And that is the power of the work ethic. That is the power of value and dedication.

We’ve sat and we’ve listened to listening sessions about the CEIC’s new process that they’re going through. Getting ready to vote and reinstitute the vote and focus on continuing this program and having the CEIC, having a safety team and a care team. And we have heard time and time again on every one of these listening sessions from people and heard letters being read about the commitment and the dedication of our team members. Again, be valuable because nothing less will do. Showing our core values off on a real-life scale.

And I can’t tell you, guys, how much we thank you. We have Multnomah County calling us, asking us for doing more work. We have other groups calling us and wanting us to do more work. And if I can find the people. So if each of you can bring me, somebody, we could be twice the size we are today. Because we have people wanting our value and our work ethic supplied to them at their business. And again, that is not lost on Karen and I and the executive team and everybody here at the office. It is your dedication, it is your hard work. It is what you do every night, every day in the cold and the rain that makes that possible.

So on this Workshop Wednesday, this is me saying thank you. Have a great day.