Not Too Proud to Pick Up Trash

Not too proud

Hey team, happy Monday! Monday Message. Can you believe we are in the third month? No, we are in the middle of the third month. It’s March 14th. Literally, St. Paddy’s Day is just in a few days. It’s amazing how time just continues to seem to fly.

Well, on this Monday Message, I just wanted to reach out and I just wanted to say a huge shout-out about a core value that is kind of important to us, and it’s about investment and humility. I recently…we have one of our officers up in Longview, his name is Dan. Dan’s an amazing guy. If you don’t know Dan, you need to know Dan. Dan is a great guy, super humble, super hardworking, super dedicated. He’s a fabulous guy.

But Dan is in our leadership class, and he recently passed off some information and stuff because we were talking about our core values, and he talked about humility and that he’s not too proud to pick up trash. And that he saw out on the road, somebody had some stuff fall off their truck, and he stopped, turned on his flashers, got out, and he helped them drag it off the road and prevent any more accidents or anybody hurting themselves or their car, preventing the person from getting harmed while out there on the road. And he talked about it being a humble thing, and that’s so true.

But I wanted to remind Dan at that time, and I want to remind you, that it also shows investment. A huge investment. We don’t have a responsibility to do stuff in the middle of the road. We’re not being paid by the county, the state or the city.

Dan took safety in mind, he took the community in mind, and he was super duper valuable because of his investment in his community. Because he cares about the safety of his community, he took the time to stop, turn on flashers, and stop traffic from potentially coming into harm’s way of items in the middle of the road. He was able to help that person get their items out of the road so they could get them back in their truck and at the same time prevent any damage or harm to anybody. And that is an investment in a person’s community.

So, Dan, I just wanted to say thank you on this Monday Message wrapped around our core values, buddy. You’re exhibiting not only our core values but our core purpose, and that’s to be valuable because nothing less will do.

Guys, let’s take Dan’s example. Let’s continue to care for our community because when we care for our community, amazing things happen. When we care about others, amazing things happen. We take the light off of us, and we shine it on somebody else. We lift others up, and we prevent harm from coming to others. That’s why we got into this business in the first place. So, on this Monday message, just once again, Dan, I want to say thank you, brother. And be valuable because nothing less will do.