Good morning, team, and happy Wednesday. Well, today we’re going to talk a little bit about perseverance on Workshop Wednesday.

August 6th, 1999. Tony Gwynn. San Diego Padres. He struck out for his 5,113th time. Some of you are sitting there going, how does this got anything to do with perseverance? That just would suck. Yeah. Imagine being at bat for eight years straight. Now, that’s not really true. My point is that if you were up to bat 3 to 4 times every single game, he struck out enough to literally strike out for eight complete seasons. And what you don’t know is in 1999, in the same game, Tony Gwynn hit his 3,000th ball. Something that at that time only 21 other players in all of Major League Baseball had done. Now, isn’t that kind of cool?

What it says is that sometimes you’ve got to swing and you’ve got to be willing to miss. The same is true about Babe Ruth. Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle. If you look at Babe Ruth, who during his era had more home runs than anybody else in a season, he also had more strikeouts. You have to be willing to lose in order to gain.

You have to put yourself out there.

We’ve done that at Northwest Enforcement, Inc. We’ve had some swings and some misses, we’ve had some times at bat where we failed miserably and we’ve had some huge successes. We as a team grow better together. We do better together. When we both individually and collectively recognize that putting ourselves out there and putting forth that effort is what brings out success over a period of time.

I don’t know where you’re at today on this beautiful Wednesday. But I can guarantee you that if you put yourself out there, if you don’t try true, you won’t fail but you’ll never win either. You’ll never accomplish anything. Right. There are a lot of little cliché statements out there, right? Aim for the stars because by aiming at nothing, you hit it every time. You know, things like that. Well, they’re kind of true.

The fact of the matter is, is that you can accomplish great things, but you have to be willing to lose. And if you just swung and missed. Don’t worry. You got another time at bat coming up here real soon. So just keep swinging, keep going, keep doing it. You’re going to be just fine. You have to have perseverance.

All right, guys. I’ll see you next Wednesday. God bless.