Celebrating 22 years

22 years

Good morning team. It is April, and this week, we are celebrating. This month, we are celebrating 22 years of business. 22 years ago this week, Karen and I finished our paperwork. Filed it down in Salem. Filed it at the federal government, went out, got our first account, and started that night. Well, the next night, and 22 years later.

Now, 22 years ago, I was a little thinner, maybe even a little taller because I think I shrank a little. I had hair, none on my face, but I had it all up here, had a little flat top. Boy, I looked good. Went out and bought a uniform shirt, started a process, and had no idea what I was getting into. Today, celebrating 22 years, we have a great team because you’re there. It’s you!

We’re celebrating this year the building of a great, solid, focused, dedicated, community-focused, team-focused, people-focused company that has been doing great work for 22 years.

We’re right now getting into the process of a huge bid that we were sought out and asked to bid on. And if we get and land that contract, it is going to significantly change the framework of what the next 22 years could look like. I’m so excited to be doing the great work that we’re doing with so many wonderful men and women like yourselves. I’m so glad to see our core values starting to resonate and ripple through our teams. To see humility transform and do great things for people. To see people handing out and caring for one another, to see the value that’s being delivered, and hearing clients tell us about it.

I’m so thankful for the transparency of officers who tell on themselves because they’d rather not be told on by anybody else, even at a cost. They continue to give and do the right thing. I’m so grateful that we celebrate that we have team members who have had babies this year and last. That our team is growing significantly by leaps and bounds out of love and respect for one another. I am so grateful to have the resolve that we put our head down and we keep marching forward through the storm. I am truly humbled and grateful.

Karen and I can’t tell you how grateful we truly are and the investment that you continue to give in people, in us, and our boys, and in our family, in each other. So thank you. And on this beautiful Monday as we march into the fourth month of 2022, thank you for being a part of Northwest Enforcement. It’s going to be awesome. We’ve only begun. Thank you. Be valuable. Nothing less will do. See you soon.