Speed of Trust


Hey guys, happy Monday! Today’s Monday Message is about our core values. Today, we’re going to talk about transparency, and one of our core values on transparency is integrity builds trust.

I recently read in a book that the company moves at the speed of trust. That’s really true. Our company has been advancing more and more, and I’m seeing more and more leaders. I recently had a leader send in a homework assignment. It’s hard to believe that we’re almost at 10 weeks now. We literally only have about five weeks left at the end of May here. In just a few weeks, we’re going to be completely done with another leadership class.

One of our leaders sent in a comment about how neat it was to be in the very first leadership training that we did earlier this year, in January. It was amazing to see so many people in the room, so many invested individuals. Sometimes we get siloed, working within our department, our area, at our site, or on patrol, and we don’t see or recognize how many other people are building this company and working to grow this community. That’s a powerful thing.

Transparency is moving at the speed of trust.

That’s what we’re here for. I want to continue to recognize that and thank you for trusting in us, trusting in our team, and trusting our leaders. Each of our leaders recognizes the trust you place in them and how much we care about you. I just wanted to say thank you on this Monday Message. We know how valuable you are, and we want to recognize you as we continue to grow.

We have some great things coming down the pipeline soon. More contracts are rolling in, and there’s more opportunity. I’m excited for that, so stay tuned and stay close to your leaders. Ask questions, and we’ll do our best to provide those answers and keep you informed because, again, we move at the speed of trust. Thank you for your trust in us. Have a great rest of your week.