Chad Thanks Jeff Berry

Jeff Berry

Hey team, Thankful Thursday! Yeah, we are here again. Can you believe it? Man, these Thursdays, they just keep wrapping around and going crazy. But today, I wanted to say thank you to Jeff Berry.

Jeff, you have jumped into the sales and quality assurance. Our quality control position, and you have done it with both feet, man, not even trying to hold on to anything. You are doing a fabulous job. I keep hearing it from other people too. You have been helping out with sales. Codie mentioned just the other day about how she does not even worry about many of those things. She forwards them on to you, and you take care of them. I see how you are wrapping your head around solving problems with clients that maybe we have had some trouble with, dealing with little mistakes here or there. And you’re handling those things really well.

I just want to say thank you, and I want the team to know how great of a job you are doing in helping the rest of our team succeed in that way, that you’re going out and proactively meeting with clients every week. Four clients, five clients, six clients, seven clients every week, that you are being a proactive leader in that way. So, dude, thank you so much. We love you, and all of us, we appreciate your hard work and your ethic and example in that way. So, Thankful Thursday, it’s all you, Jeff Berry. Thank you buddy.