Hey, team. All right, so here we are. Wednesday Workshop again. And we’re at the end of the month. A month has flown by. Here we are, approaching May.

I was reading earlier this morning, as I always do, and I read a quote by Leo Tolstoy. He said “Everybody thinks of changing the world. Nobody thinks of changing themselves.” It got me thinking. Change is inevitable at some point in our lives. We have all experienced things that change.

We grow up. I’m dealing with my littlest one and he’s four and a half, David, and he does not want to go to school. The pandemic has not been great for that little guy because by this time when Jonathan was his age, he had had a lot of experience around other kids. David has not had a lot of experience around other people. So socially. While he can read and he can count to 50 or 100 and he knows his ABCs. Yeah, you heard me right. He can read. He’s four and a half years old and he can already read books. I mean, he picks up a lot of words and stuff. It’s amazing. But he keeps saying, I want to be three. I want to be small. I don’t want to be big. He doesn’t want change. None of us do.

But we still have change, don’t we?

We change careers, we change jobs. And we have changes in school and we have changes in life that happen to us.

We get bigger, we have to move out, and we have to start our own careers. And we have to change from one school to another, from, you know, preschool day and then high schools and graduate schools and so on and so forth.

Life changes, but we don’t ever think much about how we’re going to change. And what kind of things we’re going to apply ourselves to, to change in a positive way to grow. Right. And fighting growth doesn’t do much good either, because successful people grow. And if you fight the growth, then you may never see your full potential because you’re fighting against those growing moments of change.

So on this Wednesday Workshop, I just wanted to throw down a couple of words. Words get your thinking. As you go through the rest of the week, think about what kind of changes can I be making today. Tomorrow. The rest this week. Next week. Next month. What about this year and the next quarter? What kind of changes can I go through and what kind of growth can I pursue so that I can achieve my true potential? Just thoughts. Just want to keep challenging you to be the better you for tomorrow.

All right. I’ll see you guys next week. And be valuable, nothing less will do.