Chad Thanks Corey Evans

Corey Evans.

Here we are, another Thankful Thursday, and today I wanted to just say thank you to Corey Evans. Corey, man, some of you may not realize Corey has advanced so much. At the beginning of the year, he took on the leadership role, helping out and taking over the care team when Tiffany left. He is doing such an amazing job; I mean, it’s almost like we do not even know that she was here. No, I am kidding. Okay, well, maybe I am not. I don’t know. I am just so thankful for everything that Corey has done and how much he has blossomed and grown into such a great leader.

The things that he’s doing, I know that his team loves him. I have heard even from Sonja, and I’m sorry, Sonia has told Corey that he has taken stuff off of her plate. Maybe he hasn’t even realized it, but he is there to help, and he is there to be a great leader in the community, working within the central east side. I think that not only the houseless have recognized it, but the board at the central east side and many others in the city have recognized it also.

So, Corey, today is your day, buddy. Thank you for all your hard work and your dedication. Your tireless effort to advance our mission to be grateful and thankful and focused and helpful to our community—dude, you’re doing a great job. So, thank you.