Five A Words

A words

Hey Team. Alright. Workshop Wednesday. Here we are.

So I wanted to chat with you for a minute or two about attitude. Your attitude affects your altitude. Some of you are like, “Wow, Chad, two “A” words.” Hold on. There’s a few more. Your attitude does affect your altitude. What you think, and how you react to things that are done to you, or for you, or with you, will affect your altitude and how high you can climb, how far you can go in this world of success and different things in our lives.

Because of where your altitude is, will truly affect your aptitude, which is your natural ability to do things. Sometimes that will thereby affect your accomplishment and how much you will effectively get done, not just in a given day, but in a lifetime. So I want to go back down and talk about something that sometimes affects our attitudes, there also then creates that chain reaction because it really starts a little bit with our attitude of how we can accomplish what we’re trying to do.

Most people know that I’m a glass half empty. I’m a go-getter. I’m a person that does not look at adversity and cry and whine in my beer. Instead, I take it on and I trudge ahead. Well, some of that also has to do with the association of people we hang around. So your association can affect your attitude, which affects your altitude, which can affect your aptitude and your accomplishment. Whoa, you guys are saying right now, “Four. Oh, my goodness, Chad. That’s one, two, three, four. That’s five A words.” What! Yeah, five “A” words.

But let’s talk about it for a second. Your association, who you associate with, what you read, what you decide to associate in time and motivation. What kind of books are you reading? What kind of time are you spending to think through and better yourself? So that you can have a better attitude so that you can climb a little higher and have a better altitude. You see better from a higher point of view.

Think of an eagle and how high it can fly. What it’s capable of. But not many other birds, no other bird can fly as high as an eagle. They’re kind of alone up there. Sometimes being on the top is lonely. But if you want to have the best accomplishment, if you want your aptitude to truly benefit you and the things that God-given talents and abilities that we all have. Sometimes you have to work on your attitude and that starts with who you associate with and what you associate yourself with and do. So on this Workshop Wednesday, kind of deep, lots of A words, right? Again, who you associate with because it affects your attitude, which will affect your altitude, which affects your aptitude and your accomplishment in the capability of what you can truly accomplish in your lifetime.

Remember those things as we go through this week and remember to be valuable because nothing less will do. I’ll see you guys next week.