Okay, team, here we are, Monday Message, and you’re looking at this back screen. I wanted you to be able to take a full glimpse of what it says: Rise2Care. We started another company, Rise2Care. It’s after the model of what we’ve done in the downtown area over in the Central East Side.

We have come to realize the importance of the work and what that has involved. And some of the hurdles and roadblocks that we’ve run into over the last three or four years. So, we started a whole new LLC. It’s a division of Northwest Enforcement, but it focuses on the work that we’re doing in the Central East Side. The purpose is down the side there—generosity to the core, impact for a lifetime. Boy, there’s a lot of words there that I could just spend hours talking about but that’s what we are. That’s what our team implements, and embodies every day.

The team there, and what they’ve done, has been instrumental. They just went through a city review and a vote, both of the members and of the city council, and again got a unanimous vote. Over a hundred comments came in. So many nice things were said about our team and the hard work they do. They deserve to be congratulated.

But we wanted to share this information with you because we probably have some more information today. It’s Monday, and by the end of today or the end of this week, we’re probably going to have some more information about how this division of our company, this new company, Rise2Care, is going to grow in leaps and bounds. We’ve put in a couple of bids; some of you know about that, and we’re expecting to hear some pretty positive news really soon.

Rise2Care.com, if you go, you can see the new website and some of the information. It’s still a little bit under construction. There are really no pictures of team members yet, but there’s a lot of good information and some really cool pictures of the downtown area and the Central East Side, so you should check that out. Again, RiseToCare.com, and there’ll be more on this real soon.

But again, we just wanted to share this information with you about this new website, this new company, a division of Northwest Enforcement but its own subsidiary, its own LLC, and the work they’re doing, and the great things that the men and women in this area have been doing for the last few years. So, congratulations, team: Christian, Toby, Faith, Corey, Ford—I’m missing some people already, I know I am—you guys are amazing, and the entire team deserves a round of applause and a big thank you from us.

So, all right, Monday Message. Remember, generosity at the core, impact for a lifetime. That’s a really powerful statement because we do want to make an impact for a lifetime. So let’s be generous, let’s keep giving, let’s be awesome, and remember Northwest Enforcement’s core purpose: be valuable because nothing less would do. They intertwine a little bit, don’t they? All right, let’s do this.