Hey team. All right, another Wednesday Workshop. Here we are. All right, so we’re moving into May and we’re getting closer to school being out. Pretty exciting, isn’t it? Well, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about encouragement.

Encouragement is like oxygen to the soul. I’ve written on this for leadership and I recently read a quote by a man named George Matthew Adams. He said, “We all have high points in our lives and most from encouragement from somebody else.” Most of our high points and most of our memories come back to us because of high points in our lives when somebody encouraged us. We accomplished because someone encouraged us, whether it is a spelling test or something. I know I try to do that in my son’s life. I try to do that here in our team’s lives.

As a matter of fact, it’s one of the reasons that we have Thankful Thursday. It’s one of the reasons that I spend every single week asking team leaders who they gave a thank you card to. Thank you cards, they matter. They are like encouragement. That thank you from somebody else for doing something great and we see it translate to amazing things long term. It’s awesome. I mean, it’s fabulous and that’s what I’m talking about.

Encouragement is like oxygen to our soul.

And we can’t really do much great stuff, you can’t expect great stuff, especially as a leader from somebody else if you’re not encouraging them. Who likes being drowned out and constantly told that they’re not measuring up? Nobody. I know I don’t and I can’t imagine anybody here does.

So on this very happy Wednesday, Workshop Wednesday, think about encouraging someone else on the team. Get a thank you card from a leader. We have dozens of them. Every leader knows how to access them and can get you one so that you can write a few penned words of thank you to somebody else. Do a Thankful Thursday video. 30 seconds, easy, quick. Do a selfie video that says, hey thank you for and mention somebody else here on the team. Send that off to Sonja and watch it encourage somebody’s soul.

All right guys, Workshop Wednesday. Be valuable because nothing less will do and thank you for being awesome.