Chad Thanks Brenden Cooley


Here we are. It is another Thankful Thursday and today I wanted to be just a little extra thankful to Brenden Cooley. Brenden has been with us for just about two years now. Coming up in the next couple of months, he will have been here two years. And he has done a lot of different positions. He has helped us out in a lot of different ways, from coming on and helping out in the patrol area. Now, I think he has found probably his best niche right here within our team as our trainer.

He is doing a wonderful bang-up job, not only doing training but also organizing and putting together training. He is helping keep officers aware of their certifications and taking a load off of Sonja and her team. Well, he is part of her team, but again, he takes on so many different things and is so helpful to me, to the rest of the team, and to everyone.

So today, Brenden, dude, we’re thankful for you. Bask in the thankfulness, and we love you, bro. All right, thanks, man. Be valuable, nothing less will do.