Stay Humble

Stay Humble

Hey team. All right, Monday Message here. We are, month’s almost over, and school will be out soon. I’m kind of reminded of one of our core values: humility, being humble, setting others up for team success.

I’ve been noticing and hearing from other team members about this. I came to work not too long ago. And I saw team members rattling around to help another team member get their tire changed on their own personal car. This is at the end of a shift, and they have been working a long shift. And their own car has a flat tire. That is just a powerful message of humility and setting others up to win.

We have our core values that matter to us.

We celebrate other people’s wins. And we hold the ladder and hold the light for others so that they can shine. I’ve seen here recently, we have a few promotions that have taken place, and we have some more coming, I think. Even though people are competing with each other for another position, they all have the same attitude: may the best man or woman win. And when that happens, they genuinely applaud watching their friend win this new position and rise to a new position. And that’s a powerful thing that shows a huge amount of humility. It shows that our team is starting to make a powerful influence in other people’s lives.

New people come along here and they can’t help but be influenced by the humility and the love and respect for each other that we have happening here in Northwest Enforcement. We’re not perfect, and I don’t ever think we ever will be this side of heaven, but I do know that I’ve seen leaps and bounds of growth amongst our team members because of the humble men and women who work here. That’s why it’s one of our core values.

At Northwest Enforcement, we strive for excellence and we also stay humble.

So as you’re going through the rest of your week, from Monday to next Monday, keep influencing others by showing your humility. Don’t be too proud to pick up trash. And remember, our purpose is to be valuable because nothing less will do, and humble people are super valuable. All right, until next week, I’ll see you guys.