Add Value To Your Team


Hey Team. All right. So here we are again, Wednesday Workshop. I am so excited to be able to spend these few minutes with you every week. Last night, I didn’t sleep very much, I didn’t sleep much the night before either. I think that that’s probably not a surprise to most of you.

I was reading and as I was reading, I came across this quote by a man named Henry Ward Beecher, and it said, “No man is more cheated than the selfish man.” And I’m like, wow. That really just resonated with me. Caught me.

We have core values around humility and owning it and transparency and things like that. It’s our focus. And celebrate like a family because we eat cake. We don’t think about being selfish. Not as a team, not even usually, I don’t think, as individuals. And I really like that quote because it resonates with me because of the things that we do as a team.

I want to ask you a couple of questions as you go through the rest of this week. I want to ask you a couple of questions. Number one, what do your teammates value? What do they value? And the second question, a follow-up to that is, do you try to add value to them? In the areas that they need value?

If you’re a team leader, this should be a goal of yours. As you sit and you learn about the people you work with. But even if you’re just on the team, you should know what others value on your team. And then you should seek out how to add value to them and help them grow and help them better themselves and help them have a better shift, a better life.

Because no man is more cheated than the selfish man.

I know that’s really kind of true for me because this year we gave away three vehicles. Karen and I recently we gave our van to a charity. Most people don’t know this, and this isn’t about me and Karen necessarily, but I want you to understand something about this. We gave an eight-passenger van to a charity and we just found out that they had a family with six kids that needed that van.

Now, some of you might call that fate. You might call that kismet. I don’t know what you call it, I call it God because I believe in God. I believe that God orchestrated it in such a way, us because we’re not selfish. He gave us the ability to give our van away. He inspired me and Karen to give it to a charity that we believe in. And then that charity had in the midst of their organization a family in need that happen to have six kids and they need an eight-passenger vehicle. And they got one. I think that’s awesome.

So as you go into the rest of this week, ask yourself, what do my teammates value? What does my neighbor value? What do my kids value? What’s my wife? My husband? What do they value? And how can I add value to them?

Goes with our core purpose. Be valuable because nothing less will do.

All right. Till next week, guys. You have a blessed day. Bye.