Invest In Your Team

Invest in your team

All right, team. So here I am, hanging out on the beach today. I happen to be in Florida, sunny Florida, and I’m here with Sonja, Greg, and Karen at a leadership conference. I would love to say that I’m actually on the beach and I’m hanging out in the sun. And I’m sure that there are some moments here that we’re having.

But Karen, Sonja, Greg, and I came here for one purpose and one purpose only. And that’s to hone our skill and work and sit down and listen to some great men and women challenge us and explain to us and put in our minds and in our hearts better ways that we can be better leaders. So we’re excited. We’re going to be bringing back some knowledge and some information and probably a few pounds of books to prepare us for our next steps in this journey of life and growth in Northwest Enforcement Rise to Care.

And so we are truly excited to do that, and it goes again with our core values of be valuable because nothing less will do. It goes with we eat cake, celebrate like family. It goes with transparency. And it goes with resolve. It goes with investment. We have invested. We invest in Greg and Sonja. It’s not cheap—flying across the country, hotels, cars, meals, all that kind of stuff. But we’re investing in two of our leaders.

We invest in our leaders.

Also, not just Karen and I going into this because we are investing in great men and women like Sonja and Greg who truly deserve the hard work and the ethic that they put in. And again, this is not a vacation. We got up early in the morning, flew out here over the weekend, and sure, there are fun things I’m sure that we’re doing. We’re going to come back energized and maybe a little tired.

But on this Monday Message, I want to encourage you to dig into our core values, dig into your investment, dig into how to make yourself better. Find ways to invest in yourself. And get prepared for the exciting things that Greg, Sonja, Chad, and Karen are going to bring back that we’re learning through this conference. I’m excited. I’m really excited about our future at Northwest Enforcement and the things that are going on. Sometimes it’s a rocky patch, but we’re excited to be here. We’re excited to come back and be with you. So be valuable because nothing less will do, and from sunny Florida, happy Monday.