Celebrate, Honor, Remember


Good morning team. Before you see my ugly mug, I wanted to remind you that today is Memorial Day. This background picture says celebrate, honor, and remember. Memorial Day is about celebrating our freedom. Honoring the men and women who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice for that freedom. And remembering their sacrifice.

Today, we Celebrate, Honor, and Remember.

Today, I’m wearing my Marine Corps shirt. I was a Veteran. Memorial Day should never be confused with Veterans Day. It’s about the men and women that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. While I fought and served, we have many throughout the centuries who have served and in battle lost their lives for our freedoms. We have men and women in law enforcement. Men and women in our military who will have lost their lives in the coming months or have lost their lives here recently or in wars past. Some of you have family members that may have served.

So today, while we celebrate it as a national holiday, some of us are going to have barbecues. We’re going to be with family. Make sure you lift the glass to celebrate your freedom, and your ability in this great nation to have those freedoms. Honor those who sacrificed and paid that ultimate sacrifice. Never forget just remember what it took for us to remain free.

Happy Monday! If you’re off today and you’re enjoying your time, remember to lift that glass. If you’re working today, well, one, enjoy the time and a half, and number two, thank you, thank you for serving and continuing to work. Yes, you’re getting paid time and a half, but it still means a lot to our community and to our clients for the hard work that you do.

Alright, guys, until next Monday, remember, let’s keep being valuable because nothing less will do. I’ll see you guys next Monday Message.