Expect The Best

Expect The Best

Hey Team. All right. So here we are, again, Wednesday Workshop, Expect the Best. I was reading a book by John Maxwell and it’s talking about expecting the best. What do you want out of life? More importantly, how much do you attribute what you get in life to your attitude? John says in his book, “Your attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards you.” Do you believe that? I do.

I believe that attitude has a lot to do with life.

As a matter of fact, there was a survey done by the Fortune 500 companies. So when you look at the NASDAQ and things like that, companies that are in the top, the top 500 companies. 94% of them said that their success, they contributed more to their attitude than their college education or, you know, the market or any of those kinds of things. That’s a pretty powerful statement when you think about it. 94% of the Fortune 500 companies attribute their attitude to be more important towards their success.

In this book that John wrote, it says, “What I believe about life determines how I perceive life, which determines what I receive from life.” What do you want to receive from life? What do you perceive from your life? And what do you believe? Do you look at things, right? That glass half empty glass half full kind of lifestyle. Which way do you tend towards something to be thinking about?

Because if you want more from life, sometimes you got to give more to your life. You got to appreciate sometimes small things and you got to look towards and put time in for the bigger things. And you’ve got to press forward when something bad happens to you. You need to evaluate if you make a mistake. Dust off, pick up.

Learn from the mistake. Always expect the best.

It’s a learning lesson. Go forward. If something happens, it’s out of your control. And I’ve had a few of those. We as a company have had a few of those. You can wallow in it and you can sit around it and wrap yourself around it and complain and gripe and moan. And you’ll still be there. Or you can get up and press forward. Press on. Press up. That’s why we have resolve. Improvise, adapt and overcome. It’s one of our core values. This is just me talking with you and just sharing with you successes and things that have helped me become successful.

My attitude is always looking forward, pressing on. Don’t get me wrong, I get down. I have my moments. But they don’t stay for very long because I focus on a positive thing. I look forward. And I learn from the little mistakes or the little things. The bad things have happened. The troubled things that have taken place in my life. And you can, too.

So then what do you believe about life? Whatever it is that you truly believe will determine how you perceive. And that is what you will receive. So to be successful. Have a better attitude. Focus on your attitude this week. Expect the best.

And remember, be valuable because nothing less will do. All right. I’ll see you guys next Wednesday. Bye bye.