Chad Thanks Skylar Vess

Skylar Vess

Hey team! All right, today is Thankful Thursday. Here we are again, and I feel really privileged to have literally a list of people to be thankful for. Today’s day, today’s person is Skylar Vess.

Skylar is now our day dispatcher. He has worked on patrol, he has done on-site. He is a pretty amazing young man. And he is somebody that works hard. He always has a smile on his face. We kind of joke and laugh that we have a double interview that goes on every single time somebody comes in for an interview.

Skylar grills them, but he grills them in a kind of a funny, happy way. It’s almost like they don’t even realize that they’re being interviewed to some degree, but he’s asking them some very good questions, and this is all because he cares deeply about the company and who’s coming in here. He’s just interested in making people feel welcome.

I can’t tell you how thankful we are to have somebody like that sitting at our front desk. How thankful we are to have him greeting people and talking to people on the phone, putting together information, and sending it out. He is a very diligent and a very hard-working young man. Today, for Thankful Thursday, Skylar, you’re the man. We are thankful for you. Keep up the great work, buddy.

And for the rest of you, it’s Thursday. Tomorrow’s Friday. Be valuable. Nothing less will do. I’ll see you guys. Bye.