Hopeful For Your Vision


Hey, team. All right, so here we are again. And it is Wednesday. School’s almost out. My boys are excited. Summer is almost here. It’s going to be pretty exciting.

Now, I was recently reading a quote by Winifred Newman said, “Vision is the world’s most desperate need. There are no hopeless situations, only people who think hopelessly.” That got me thinking right? I’m kind of one of those glass-half-full kind of guys, so I’m always optimistic.

I’m very much a visionary. And I’m very much about looking towards the future. And don’t get me wrong, things sometimes are not always peachy, but I tend to turn it around pretty quickly and I focus on hope. I focus on being hopeful and have something to be hopeful in. And one of those things that I am hopeful in is my team, my family, the people around me. You. I’m hopeful in the process that we are continuing to work hard to build toward. I’m hopeful and our core values resonating and rippling through our entire team and bringing hope to everyone.

So what are you hopeful for?

What do you think about? Or are you hopeless? I sure hope not. It’s a lot of hope there is in there. I really do. I want you to be hopeful. And I want you to put your best foot forward, to be thinking constantly and consistently about the great things that you have going for you. And even when it seems a little bleak, there is hope still to be had. There really is.

So on this beautiful Wednesday. Workshop Wednesday. Be hopeful. Be thinking about your future. And be putting time and effort and training and the things that you’re doing to better your future. Constantly look for ways to do things that can improve your own worth in not only your team here at the company but in just life in general. Read a book this summer. Read maybe two. If you’re looking for some suggestions, I can give you a few. I’m reading two or three right now. They’re great books.

So do that and be hopeful and be valuable because nothing less will do.

All right, guys, I will see you. Next Wednesday.