Don’t Give Up

don't give up

Hey team. All right, so here we are. Another Wednesday Workshop.

I recently was reading from John Maxwell and he made a comment that successful people practice harder and practice longer than unsuccessful people. He said that the most common trait in successful people is that they have somehow figured out the ability to not give up. So the difference sometimes between success and failure is the ability to keep going, keep driving, keep pushing, and keep accomplishing.

It reminds me of a story I read about Thomas Edison. He was working on the light bulb and a guy came into his shop and he looked around. Out the window, he had piled up all the ones that didn’t work. And there were like one thousand or two thousand. He said, “What is there? Like two thousand?” He says, “You failed. Look at this. This is proof that you failed.”

Thomas Edison says, “No, that’s proof that I’m getting closer. I’m getting there.” He wouldn’t give up and look at today. For the last 100 and some odd years, we’ve had light inside our domiciles, inside your house. You have light because Thomas Edison was successful and he figured out how to not give up.

So where are you today? On this Wednesday, where are you on your success journey? Have you conquered not giving up? What are your dreams? What are your visions? When you’re at work and you’re doing stuff, do you realize the importance that you are building towards your success because you keep putting time in to do it right every day? See if you’re looking to cut corners, you’re not putting time in to succeed.

I talk to officers about this and when it comes to firearms or baton or pepper spray or any activity that you want to do. I teach it to my children too. You need to consistently put in time. You need to consistently do the right steps the right way and not cut corners. Constantly because you are training yourself to do it right. Or you’re training yourself and creating training scars to do it the wrong way.

If you do it right sometimes and wrong sometimes then your brain, your muscles, your body, it gets to choose because there’s no consistency. So on this Wednesday be consistent and stay focused. You will be successful. Don’t give up. It goes with our core values. It goes with our mission.

I’ll see you next Wednesday. All right, bye-bye.