Hey team, all right. So, Monday Message here. I am here, here you are. I’m back from a vacation, and as a matter of fact, I came back early. I came back a day early because one of our clients needed training, and something got snafu’d and flubbed up, and I had to do a range.

I want to talk to you a little bit about investment, owning it. And while I could talk about me and stuff, I think you guys kind of expect, Chad, and Karen, they own the company. They’re invested because they own the company. But I want to talk about some other people.

While we were gone, I saw nothing but investment from our team members. We had things go on, and team leaders have been stepping up, sitting in dispatch, taking patrol runs. Doing things, showing that they are owning their position, owning their place here at Northwest Enforcement in their leadership. And that’s our core value. Our core value of investment, own it. They do that, they don’t make excuses, they step up. Even when it’s not their fault, they step up.

There will be some Thank You Thursdays coming, I know there will be because I am telling you we have some amazing leaders. One just off the top of my head, Caid Vaughn. Caid, I’ll probably do a Thank You Thursday on YouTube, buddy, but I just want to say your investment is amazing. To see a young man like yourself take such great pride in doing his job.

So let me tell you a little bit of backstory. Caid was sick. He was not feeling well. Caid did not have the best of days. He was not feeling good. And on the weekend, we got an MCB call, and Caid gets a phone call. He was not the DRC, and we did not have somebody because one of our team members had been in a hit-and-run. And what I mean by that is they got hit, and the other person ran, literally committed a felony against them. And we have a team member that’s laid up right now. She could use your prayers. Officer Bishop is doing better, and we absolutely adore her too because of her hard work and dedication, and I’ve mentioned that before.

But Caid was sick. He was not feeling good at all. The MCB call came in. We did not have an MCB badge out on the street because of the sicknesses and different things that have been going on and the felony hit-and-run. And Caid got out of bed, got dressed, and went out and solved the problem. That’s investment, folks. That’s leadership. That is the core values that we celebrate. Caid, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you, buddy, for doing that. Thank you.

I also want to say that I came back from the weekend and stuff, and I had to be out on the range Saturday. And I had team members that showed up. Elijah showed up, and he wasn’t even actually shooting on the range. He came to just help me. That’s investment, folks. He came out because he wanted to help. That’s awesome. Calvin showed up, again, another team leader, an example of greatness that happens on our team. He came out just to help. He did a fabulous job too. I had him run a couple of drills as an example for the students who were coming through the course, and he and Elijah did an absolutely fabulous job.

And then there were team members that were in on helping. They literally came because they had to qualify, but they stayed and helped. Enos was one of those, again, showing investment in his leadership position, but showing investment in his company, and just being a helper to the Vice-President and to the trainer. Thank you guys for your investment.

So, Monday Message about investment, and I just gave you a few examples of some amazing hard work and dedication that came from our team members showing their investment to get the job done, showing their ownership. That was awesome. I have truly enjoyed each and every one of you, and there’s so much more I could say. I could literally talk for minutes and minutes, but you guys don’t want to listen to that. So, I’ll let you get back to work on this beautiful Monday. Be valuable, nothing less will do, and keep showing your investment. Talk to you next week.