Guard Your Emotions


Hey team. All right, Wednesday Workshop, here we are. We are at the end of June. July 4th is just around the corner. How exciting is that?

I wanted to chat with you guys a little bit about emotions. We all got them, right? I’m imagining that…well first let me just walk you through it.

I read a study that states people with emotional problems are 144% higher chances of getting into a car accident than just regular people. That’s pretty high, right? 144%. I mean, not just 100% but 144% more likely. One of every fatal car crash, which means 20% of all car crashes that are fatal comes back to the person that got in that accident, that fatal car accident, had an argument with somebody within the last six hours. Something that occupied their emotional mind and impacted their emotions.

I think that all of us have run into some people who have emotional problems. We see it on Facebook, right? I mean sometimes it’s more prevalent today because of all the mediums that are out there.

I mean it used to be that you might see it at work now and then you’d say, “Oh my god. My boss is crazy!” I had one of those. I had a supervisor one time that every single day that there wasn’t much going on it was almost like he had to create something to happen so that he could have something to work on and deal with. He’d create a problem or manufacture something emotionally charged. He was always grumpy and always upset. It was strange. When things were like really crazy, I mean like the world the environment, everything was going nuts around him. It was like his heartbeat came to a resting beat pattern and he was very calm and able to handle it. He was probably his best self.

Interesting but again, emotional problems. People who have emotional problems have a higher aptitude for getting into stuff and creating problems for themselves and for others. Our emotions matter. I’m imagining that out of all of us, including myself, I speak to myself on this quite often and think about this. Is that we have all probably at some point in our lives, through our emotions, burned a relationship. Whether it be with a boyfriend, girlfriend, parent, sibling, good friend, cousin, or something like that.

I would imagine that a high percentage of almost all of us at some point or another have distanced ourselves. Either us distancing ourselves from others because of their emotional problems. Or someone else has distanced themselves from us because of us becoming the emotional problem. The things we say when we’re heightened and upset and emotional, sometimes can do emotional damage. It is kind of funny because my four-year-old was all weekend, actually all last week, and I don’t know where he saw it probably somewhere on Youtube but he’s saying “emotional damage, emotional damage.” I’m like, “Oh my goodness, my son is talking about emotions.” But it’s true.

The fact of the matter is that if we don’t control our emotions, we can hurt the relationships of those around us. You need to guard your emotions.

Something to work on. Guard your emotions. It’s one of the reasons we talk about verbal judo. Learning how to communicate. Learning how to not take things personally when they’re said to us. Not have triggers or button push words and phrases that we either use or that are used against us. Knowing what our triggers are that can trigger us that can upset us and learning how to deal with those triggers when somebody tries them against us. Those are important things.

So on this Wednesday, remember to be valuable because nothing less will do. Super important and through the rest of the week, maybe into next week, take a survey of your emotional state. Think about what kind of things trigger you. What kind of things get you upset? Who are you hanging around? Maybe there are some people that you maybe want to distance yourself from because of the emotional damage that they cause, as my four-year-old would say.

All right. God bless you, guys and it’s great to be back. Have a beautiful Wednesday.