Chad Thanks Elijah Flaherty

Elijah Flaherty

Hey team, okay so, Thankful Thursday, and I am thankful. I alluded to it a little bit on Monday, and I just want to reinforce that. And so I want to slow it down and I want to talk about a couple of the people I mentioned on Monday.

So, let’s start with Elijah. Dude, thank you for coming in on your day off, showing up, helping out at the range right to the very end, being willing to, and this also just shows your leadership capabilities. As I was getting ready to drive away, dude, you asked if you needed to follow me to the office to help me unload. You offered to take even more time out of your schedule.

Team, that’s the kind of people that we have in our leadership team, somebody like Elijah that, on his day off, comes into the range and helps out, stays to the end, and then follows through with, “Hey, do you need me to come and help you unload?” I can’t tell you how much, Elijah, I appreciate you for that.

So today, Elijah, is your day. I want to say thank you again and celebrate my thankfulness, our team’s thankfulness, and I am almost sure that not only do your team leaders like Sonja and Christina appreciate you, but I’m willing to bet that the team that you work with, all of the guys that are on patrol and the staff that are out there on the street, they too recognize your leadership, your investment, your transparency, your humility, and your dedication to them. So again, we are super thankful for you. Thank you.