July 4, 2022

Fourth of July

Hey team, all right. Monday Message. Happy Fourth of July! Today is the Fourth of July. Some of you will not see this until after the Fourth of July is over because, I imagine, you’re, especially if you’re off today, having a barbecue, hanging out with family, hanging out with friends, doing fun stuff, getting excited about fireworks with the kids tonight, maybe some water balloons. I know some of those are in my future.

So today, I do want you to think about (and I hope you think about it during your barbecue, during the family and friends time) that the freedom we have in this country didn’t happen without sacrifice. As a matter of fact, almost 250 years ago, a bunch of men got together and signed a Declaration of Independence. You see, we didn’t become free on the day that we celebrate. As a matter of fact, we had the leaders of our country, George Washington and others, put their lives on the line, their families, their wealth, their everything on the line to make the United States what it is today, to get it started in the right direction.

And we’ve had a long period of growth over these last couple of hundred years. Lots of things, lots of mistakes we’ve made as a country. But we still celebrate that freedom, and we are still the best nation on this planet. We have the most opportunity of any. We are a driving force for good because of our faith and our tenacity and our hard work. And that’s what I love about our company, Northwest Enforcement. Be valuable because nothing less will do. We put our hearts and our souls into what we do, with humility, investment, transparency, resolve, and we love to eat cake and hot dogs and hamburgers too, believe it or not.

So as you’re thinking today and throughout the rest of this week as we move into July, just remember that prosperity doesn’t come sometimes without pain and perseverance. We struggle sometimes here as a company. Pain and perseverance. It’s part of resolve. It’s part of who we are.

All right, well, God bless you, and if you’re working today, thank you. Make sure you’re drinking some water. And I just want to thank you for what you’re doing for your community and sacrificing your Fourth of July to make a better community. God bless. See you soon.