Chad Thanks Calvin Golden

Calvin Golden

All right team, Thankful Thursday. So I’m back here again, saying thank you to another team member. The same is true, I mentioned it last week about Elijah.

Well, Calvin Golden also came out. Again, he didn’t need to re-qualify. He just came to the range to assist. And he stayed for the entire time. He helped pack out everything, he helped unload everything, he helped set up everything. He also jumped in on the line, and when he saw students that were having difficulty in certain areas, he was mentoring and coaching them to help them.

Some of these were our officers, some of these were students that were from another company, and he was still jumping in like a leader and like somebody that cares about the profession of security. He was giving good advice and helping mentor people to help them become better at the job that they do, and that’s an awesome trait to have.

So Calvin, thank you so much for all of your hard work and your dedication, and coming out on your day off and assisting in that process. You are becoming a fabulous leader here amongst our team, and I just want to say thank you for that.

So today it’s Calvin’s day, so guys, if you see him, take your hat off, give him a salute, buy him a soda pop because we are thankful for all the hard work that Calvin Golden does. Thank you, buddy.

All right, talk to you guys next week.