Chad Thanks Shaun Wirth

Shaun Wirth

Hey team, all right, here we are, Thankful Thursday, and today I want to be, a little extra thankful for Shaun Wirth.

Shaun has been with us, my goodness, I think it’s almost six years now, coming up this fall. When we purchased Columbia Security, he moved from his home in Vancouver. He and his wife, they moved up to and bought a home in Clacks Canine, I believe.

And it has been awesome having Shaun building relationships and taking on the responsibility of continuing to work on and build a great, vibrant, core-valued focused team. And the people that are up there, all of you guys, are absolutely fabulous. We just love you. And again, it has a lot to do, I think, with you, but it has a lot to do with who your leader is.

And so, today, Thankful Thursday, Shaun, we’re thankful for you. We’re thankful for your dedication, your hard work, the relationship building you do amongst the team, and the relationship building you do amongst the community. The things that you sacrifice and go out of your way to build relationships with the school districts and the chamber and the different meetings that you have from time to time.

So thank you, thank you for your hard work, thank you for your love and passion for the security industry and the team that you serve. You’re doing a fabulous job, and we love you, brother. So, thanks for Thursday is all about Shaun Wirth today. All right, God bless you guys, I will see you next week.