Resolve to Slip N Slide


Hey team. Here we are, another Monday Message. I want to talk to you a little bit about the word right behind me “resolve.” Don’t quit. Pressure plus pain times perseverance equals prosperity. These are the things that we talk about. Thinking outside the box. Improvise, adapt and overcome. Are these just words to you, or are they core values? Are they things that are driven deep inside of you as a purpose and a plan? I wanted to talk to you about somebody that I saw that had resolve. He doesn’t work here, maybe yet, I don’t know. I don’t know if he’s ever going to want to work here, really, to be honest with you. But that’s my son, Jonathan, and I want to tell you a quick little story.

So last year, we got done with summer and fall, and we have these little foam mats for things like jiu-jitsu and stuff. I have a bunch of them at home. They put them underneath his slip-and-slide. So, this little one-inch mat, you know, they’re three by three squares, almost 30 feet long. So, there are quite a few of them to make this up, the mat and all of those. The slip-and-slide itself and all those squares set outside all winter. All the rain on the north side, so you can imagine. We had moss and mildew and everything on the slip-and-slide. But Jonathan wanted to use the slip-and-slide.

As we got to this warmer weather here back in June, Jonathan took and spent an entire day, for the most part, scrubbing down. He mixed water with bleach and got out there on his hands and knees. And he scrubbed every mat, both sides. He scrubbed the slip-and-slide, both sides, with a brush and a broom and water and bleach, and he did a fabulous job. So, I guess you can imagine what he did. He got to use the slip-and-slide. That’s right. We put some soap on that baby, and him and his friend next door, they just ran and slipped and slid all over the place, and they had a blast.

But it took a lot of effort on his part because he put forth his resolve, and never quit. He took all that pressure, all that pain, and he multiplied it times his perseverance in his heart to have fun and do something that he wanted to do, and he never complained about it, not once. He actually enjoyed the task because he had a mission and a purpose behind it at the end.

And he also made 20 bucks because I was so impressed. I actually paid him 20 bucks because of all the hard work he did. It was either that or go out and try to buy a hundred-dollar slip-and-slide, and all those mats needed to be cleaned anyway. He did a lot of really hard work. We’re going to do a better job of putting them away this year; I can guarantee you that. But he learned a lesson because we didn’t put them away last year. He worked hard because he wanted something in his life.

So, I want to turn that back to you. Our core value of resolve has purpose and meaning behind it, and it plays out in our lives if we focus and if we have resolve. If we’re willing to put forth the effort, if we’re willing to allow that pressure and that pain and multiply it times our perseverance, we will see prosperity someday because we work hard and we focus. That’s why it’s one of our core values because it means so much. Improvise, adapt and overcome your circumstances. Put your heart and soul into it. Make it happen. You can do that.

All right, so guys, thank you. You have a wonderful rest of your week. God bless, and I will see you next Monday. Bye. See ya.