You Will Sing Again

Sing again

Hey team, all right. So here we are, Workshop Wednesday. I wanted to tell you a little story that I read here recently. It’s kind of funny.

So, there’s this lady. She owns a parakeet, his name is Chippy. Chippy is inside of his cage and the lady realizes that the bottom of his cage is kind of dirty. So, she takes and she grabs a vacuum. She goes up to start vacuuming out the bottom of the cage.

When the phone rings, she grabs the phone, and yeah, you guessed it… down the tube into the…so, she stopped. She realizes what happened, she turns off the vacuum, she goes, she opens up the bag, and she pulls out this little bird, scared. I can imagine, all covered in dirt, and seeds, and stuff. So, she rushes into the bathroom to clean him off. She turns on the water and she holds Chippy underneath the water.

As this ice-cold water is just drenching over this bird, she then realizes that things aren’t getting any better, because Chippy’s like scared like nobody’s tomorrow. So, she grabs her blow dryer, and she turns it on high. Chippy doesn’t sing too much anymore.

OK, so how does that relate to you? Well, have you ever felt like you’ve had a few different things bad happen to you? Have you ever felt the equivalence of being sucked up through a vacuum cleaner, being held down under ice-cold water, or being heated up by a hot blow dryer?

Have you ever had the equivalence of those kinds of things? Where you’ve had one bad thing after another bad thing take place in your life that you now have proverbial PTSD, and you can’t sing anymore. You feel like your entire life is always waiting for the next shoe to drop.

It’s not about what happens to you that really gets you down, it’s about how you respond to what happens to you that keeps you down. Let me say that again “It’s not about what happens to you that puts you down” and even if it is, it might put you down, but what keeps you down, is how you respond to what happens to you.

So, I want you to think about that. As you’re moving through this life that you have, how you respond to what happens to you even the bad things, your attitude towards those, are what keep you from accomplishing greater, and more important things.

Maybe you should start singing again, maybe you should smile. Maybe you should not be worried about the next shoe that’s going to drop and prepare for great things that are about to happen to you.

Because I believe that great things will happen to those that are looking for positive and to be positive in their own lives. I’m not saying walk around on cloud nine and act like there’s no bad stuff happening. this, that, and the other. I get that life is tough.

Sometimes it seems like, it’s you know, well, heck it seems like everybody’s got a vacuum cleaner. Everybody’s got a faucet to drown you in or a blow dryer to heat you up and burn your feathers. I get it but again it’s how you respond after that has happened.

Roll with those punches. Stand back up. Life has a way of just punching you in the gut, but you can stand up and you can take it. You can take that hit, and you can respond, and still be kind.

You can still be generous and you can still be loving. And you can still be caring and you can still reach a proverbial place in your life where you cannot let the bad things that have happened to you affect you to the point where you become the abuser.

Or you become the person that it shies away from, you have that proverbial PTSD. Right? Every time you hear vacuum cleaner, you start crying and sweating. Hunker down in the corner every time you walk into the bathroom, and somebody turns on the faucet, or you hear a toilet flush. You go, “Oh my goodness” because you hear the water flow, or you hear a blow dryer.

I know this is kind of a funny way of me just telling you that life is hard. And sometimes it comes in threes. You get one hit, two hit, three hit. And you wonder if they’re going to be able to stand up again, you can. You can take it and more importantly, your attitude about what has happened to you needs to get in a more positive way. Because how you respond to what happens to you either keeps you down or lifts you up.

Alright, this Workshop Wednesday you can get back to work. Be valuable because nothing less will do.

I love you guys. God bless.