Chad Thanks Jim Pruitt

Jim Pruitt

Hey team, here we are, Thankful Thursday. Yeah, I’m so excited to announce what I’m thankful for this week. I, I don’t even think I can put into words how thankful I am for Jim Pruitt.

Jim, you’re the guy today that I just want from the rooftops to shout how thankful I am that we have you on this team. Your wisdom, your insight, your humility, your team focus, you put the team first. You are instrumental in so many things that go on up in Longview and what happens with that team up there. When we bought that company, I had no idea that we were getting such a goldmine of personality and excellence with that team.

I know that Sean loves having you on his team. Working with him and with Casey and all the other leaders and all the staff up there. I know that everybody echoes my sentiment. I said I get a little emotional because we love you, bro. You are amazing, that you never cease to amaze us on a continuous basis because of, again, your love and your support. And we love your wife, Anita, she’s amazing too. It’s great to see her at barbecues and different things when we get a chance to.

And so I’m so grateful and thankful, and that’s why today’s your day. So from us and from me to you, thank you for being part of our team. Thank you for leading by example and caring so deeply for the young men and women that we have on our team and being such a great mentor and coach to them. Today’s your day, bro.

All right, that’s enough for Thankful Thursday. See you guys next week, and again, God bless. Jim, you’re the man. Love you, bro.