Hey team, can you believe August is just around the corner? My goodness, man. So, you can tell behind me, Monday Message, and let’s celebrate. So, what are we going to talk about? Well, Monday Messages are about core values, and which one talks about celebration the most? Well, that would be “we eat cake.” That’s right, we eat cake. It happens to be something that we love because we celebrate like a family.

So, what could we possibly have to celebrate? You, of course. We want to celebrate you. So, we’re getting ready to have a BBQ. I’m not sure yet; I’m pretty sure that somebody may have already been talking about it. You’ve probably heard a few grumblings and maybe even some dates coming up here in August. We’re going to have a couple of BBQs. We’re going to have one up north at the office, and we’re going to have one down here in Portland.

I’m excited to cook you guys some hamburgers. Oh my goodness, some hot dogs. We’re going to have ourselves some good food. It’s going to be a blast. We’re going to probably do a little bit of water balloons because JT is going to be there. We might do some monster bowling. Some of you are saying, “What’s monster bowling, Chad?” Oh, you wait. Oh yeah, it’s on, man. So, we’re going to do some, maybe even a little cornhole. Yeah, we’re going to have some fun.

We’re going to get it together, together. We’re going to celebrate, we’re going to eat some good food, we’re going to have some fun so that we are celebrating and we are living up to all of our core values, and this one is one that we love because we love to celebrate you, the hard work you’ve done all summer, the things that you continue to do for the company, the sacrifices you make for your family and for your community, the things that you do, we celebrate you.

So, mark your calendars, and get prepared. You’re going to be seeing more and more emails and some RSVP stuff coming out, some more information, probably coming from Wendy and Toby, right? Toby did such a bomb job. I mean, he is absolutely fabulous when it comes to, is “bomb” still a word for you guys? I don’t know, anyway. He did a great job when we did the Cinco de Mayo. So, we’ve employed him again to kick butt and take names on this BBQ because he did such a fabulous job. So, you don’t want to miss this. We’re going to have a lot of fun, water balloons, monster bowl, maybe some cornholes, some other games, we’re going to do some fun stuff, and we’re going to eat some good food and we’re going to celebrate together as a family.

All right, I’ll see you guys next Monday, and I can’t wait to see you at the BBQ. All right, bye. See ya.