Don’t Let Adversity Break You


Hey team. All right, so Monday Message. It’s Monday, August is here, and it is Monday. I’m excited to sit down with you. I was reading this week, and I came across this quote from William A. Ward, and it says, “Adversity causes some people to break, others to break records.” It got me thinking. We have core values, and resolve is one of our core values. One of them says, pressure plus pain times perseverance equals prosperity.

Adversity. Adversity sometimes is not something we get excited about, but it’s necessary—the hard times and how you handle them and where you go in those hard times and can you persevere through the hard times. I think it was just a few weeks ago I talked about 95 percent of people who fail don’t fail because of a lack of resources or lack of knowledge or lack of experience or any of those things, but it was because they quit. They stopped. They gave up.

So when adversity comes, what do you do? Do you quit, or do you keep going? Because you can break records. I think of athletes. People used to say that you know you could never break the four-minute mile, and then somebody did it. You can’t jump further than this, then they did it. You can’t run faster than this. Carl Lewis did it and others did it.

Sometimes when they break those records, they break them by leaps and bounds. Michael Phelps broke records. We see that many, many times over because people keep persevering. They keep trying. They don’t say, “Well, I’m almost to the record,” or “I came just at the record.” And sometimes when somebody breaks a record, somebody else realizes it, and they push that much harder, and within a year, they beat the record again. That’s what that tenacity, that resolve, that sticking to it does.

So what are the keys to that? Because you don’t necessarily always do it alone. You have to have coaches and mentors, just like they do in the Olympic teams. You have to have people around you. And I would like to think that we here at Northwest Enforcement are your coach, your team, your mentors, your cheerleaders. We are the people who are going to keep spurring you on to that success, even in times of adversity when you’re down, when you’re doubting yourself, that we are here for you, and that you’re here for us.

So on this Monday message, remember if you’re in the midst of adversity, reach around you, look around you, and find those solid men and women on your team that can support you. We’re here, and we’re here for you. If you’re going through a tough time, we want to go through it with you. We want to spur you on to that success so that you can break those records, whatever they are in your life. All right, be valuable because you know that nothing else will do, and I will see you guys next Monday. God bless.