Willing To Do The Hard Stuff

Hard Stuff

Good morning team. All right, so here we are again for another Wednesday Workshop. So, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about something I read and remember because this event happened in my lifetime.

But first, since 1901 the Secret Service has been providing security to the President of the United States for his safety. Most of us all know, right, Secret Service. That you need to be qualified, capable, and you need to be willing.

Willing to do what? Willing to take a bullet for the President of the United States. Be willing to take and put your life in the way, and the path of danger to the point that you might not live anymore for the life of someone that you’re protecting. That is an amazing quality that I don’t know if we see quite so often and in a lot of people.

Well, on March 30th, 1981, Tim McCarthy put his life on the line. Some of you might remember that President Reagan was shot, or at least you read about it in schoolbooks, or something, somewhere. But on that day when John Hinckley shot at President Reagan, Tim put his life in harm’s way. Now, Tim was a Secret Service agent but it wasn’t like he was friends with the President. He didn’t get to know the President really close or very well. He was just on the detail. When the shooting happened, he put himself in harm’s way.

In 2016, he was interviewed, and they asked him about it. So, quite a few years later. He said, “Well I did what I was trained to do, and I did it well”. That shows humility. Again, one of our core values. He’s a very humble man, and he became much closer friends with the President even after President Reagan was no longer President of the United States. He became very close to the President and his family after that event. Because there was a bond built on the sacrifice that happened in that time frame by taking and putting themselves in harm’s way for the life of another. I think that’s an amazing quality.

So what do I want you to take away from this? Well, we need to have humility. Two, we need to be qualified. We need to be willing, and we need to be capable of doing sometimes the things that seem a little crazy to some degree because that shows the value that we have.

I know that we have men and women that are qualified capable and willing to do some pretty amazing stuff. This last week this week has been super-duper hot, and you guys have shown up for work and you have done some pretty great things for our clients, and you continue to shine.

It’s that kind of humility and respect and capable willingness to suffer through for others that is amazing. Our CEIC team, I see them going out with bottles and bottles of cold water and stuff to just try to give respite to the houseless in our community. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate, how much we love the hard work and dedication of our team members.

So, on this Wednesday Workshop I just want to again say thank you for being willing, for being capable. For being qualified to do what you do to the best of your ability. You do it so well. So again, thank You.

Remember, be valuable because nothing less would do. I know you are starting to get that because I’m seeing it every day. We’re hearing it from our clients every day. We are seeing it in you every day. Thank you for your valuable efforts that you continue to give every day.

 All right, I’ll let you get back to work on this beautiful Wednesday.

I will see you guys next week. God bless and keep up the great work.

 Thank you.