You Are Valuable


Hey team. Here we are, Monday Message, and I want to tell you about a quote I read recently. A man named George Knox said that when you cease to be better, you cease to be good. And that got me thinking. It just really got me thinking about Northwest enforcement and our core purpose: be valuable because nothing less will do. I say it all the time, at the end of every message. It is our core purpose. It is my core purpose to constantly want to be valuable. I think that it fits in line with George’s quote because when you think about it, if you cease to be better, then you cease to be good.

If you’re constantly looking to be better, if you’re looking to make improvements on yourself, are you going to make mistakes? Absolutely. I make mistakes probably every day and the person who knows that the best or the people that are closest to me. So obviously, my wife, my kids, Greg, Sonja, Wendy, Codie, and people around the office, they see me flub, mess up, trip up, fall down, and make mistakes. But they love me because they know, at least I hope, that I’m constantly looking to be better, a better version of myself. And because of that, then, we are valuable. Because I’m humble. Because I talk a big game, but look at me, I’m getting emotional about the concept: be valuable because nothing less will do. Always seek to be better so that you don’t ever cease to be good.

We are in some very interesting times. I mean, if you ask my son Jonathan, because I tell him all the time, I’m 247 years old this year, and that relates to the Marine Corps birthday. But the reality is, I’m 51. Whether it’s 247 or 51, we are in different times. We’re marching into a recession. Things are going crazy around here. Right now, in this last week or so, we’ve had some amazing heat. We’ve had time and time again, something’s been going on, from pandemics to gas prices to service shortages and stuff. We all have experienced some pretty perilous stuff. And I think that’s why I get so emotional, thinking about the fact that I have such a great group of men and women.

Do we need more? Absolutely. We need more of you. We know that’s why we offer a $2,000 hiring bonus and a $1,000 hiring bonus. You get $2,000 to bring somebody in; they get $1,000. We want to find great men and women like you to work here. But ultimately, I believe that our community needs relief. We need more people who care deeply, and who want to be valuable to their communities. You know why do I work at Northwest Enforcement, you might ask? Why do I work here? Because I love people, because I love my community. Because I care deeply.

I think deeply that you’d hear the same thing ripple through many of our leaders, as I see Corey, and I see Christian, and I see Faith, and I see all the Care team in Toby, and Abel, and all the guys there in Ford. When I see their constant going out, reaching out, caring deeply for their community and the people they serve. Let me think of our Patrol Officers and the hard work they do every night. I think of the officers that are working at WinCo and working at the construction sites. I think 465 Davis is just about done. But you know the hard work they do at all the different sites that we have: Lloyd Corporate, Go Blocks. Each and every one of you, the service to your community, you are doing good.

So never cease to want to keep being better at what you do, whether it’s making entries, writing a great report, staying on your feet, making your rounds at Chestnut Inn, or whatever it is that you do for Northwest Enforcement. It matters. It contributes to the greatness of what our team does and communicates our love, respect, and care for the community we serve. And so for that, I’m super grateful for you. So I didn’t expect to get this emotional, but my heart is constantly thinking of ways that we can do what we do better for the sake of the people that we serve. So thank you for your contribution to that greater goal. Okay, be valuable because nothing less will do. I’ll see you guys next Monday.