Reward Them Often for Work Well Done

Reward Them Often

Good morning team. Here we are again. Another Wednesday Workshop. As you can see, I’m sitting out here on my deck. At the time of this taping, it is extremely hot this week. I’m up fairly early this morning thinking about you and thinking about Northwest Enforcement, Inc., and thinking about life that we have.

Recently I read a thing about a man his name is E.L. Thorndike. He was a psychiatrist you might say in the very early on, at the turn of the century. So, over 120 some years ago. Anyway, he had this thing that he created that he noticed through his experiments called the laws of effect. I think that they’re true. It says that behaviors that are done correctly, so, when somebody does something right and you reward that quickly, that behavior increases. Behaviors that are done incorrectly, when they are punished, or when they’re you know confronted quickly, they diminish. I think I’ve seen that to be true; both as a parent and in Northwest Enforcement, Inc.  

Here recently, I just heard that our lieutenants and staff are getting a little prize wheel out and they’re heading out on the street. They’re going to start giving more and more prizes. That fell short probably because of the limited staffing that we’ve had in the past here recently. They’re excited about catching security officers doing something correctly so that they can reward them. I’m so excited about that.

To see our leadership notice that they would like to take this behavior lifestyle, that when I see you do something right, I’m going to immediately give you a reward for it. I’m going to reinforce that behavior of excellence that you provided in such a positive way, with a reward. I love that about our team. That we have leaders that notice quality out there on the job and that they have a desire deep down in them to acknowledge that to other team members. That’s what Thankful Thursday is. That’s what Officer Highlights have been about.

All the different things that we’ve done over the last number of years is to celebrate the excellence and the hard work and catching security officers doing something right. The very first end so that it’s not something that goes by the wayside. I remember when I first thought of the Officer Highlight idea, and I know we haven’t done one recently. We’ve kind of transverse to a Thankful Thursdays and I still like Thankful Thursdays too. It’s awesome and I love Officer Highlights. I love writing something up. I love posting on Facebook.

But when I did it, I did it because I wanted to notice security officers that were doing awesome stuff and I set out to do one, every week.  I said to myself because we had kind of a small company then, I said, am I going to be able to find one person a week doing something awesome? And I had no problem doing it because I think that there’s truth in this. I want you to hear this.

I believe that when you are looking for something awesome, you will find it. When you are looking for someone doing something well, you will find it. When you’re looking for somebody doing something badly, you’re looking for that another shoe to drop on a consistent basis. And I think you’ll find that too, because what you expect you tend to find.

I tend to expect our security officers to want to do the right things. I tend to expect that our staff care, and that we’re hiring people that care about their community and what they do. So, therefore, I find excellence everywhere I go. I see that excellence played out in our leadership team.

I see them seeing it played out amongst the greater company. Because they are excited about coming out and giving wheel spins, and handing out candy bars, energy drinks, and water, and whatever it is that is going to make you as an individual team member here on our team feel special. They’re looking to do those things.

So, on this again Wednesday Workshop I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work.

Be valuable because, you know, nothing less will do.

 Alright, I’ll see you guys next week.