Chad Thanks Dan Golding

Dan Golding

Hey team, here we are for another Thankful Thursday, and I just want to be a little extra thankful for Dan. Dan Golding is one of our patrol officers up in the Longview area. Dan is an amazing guy. He’s a nice guy. Dan, I have gotten to know you a little bit through firearms training that we’ve done together and through the leadership class that we had earlier this year. I’m getting prepped up to teach another one, and I’m thinking that it’s been a whole year, but it’s only been a few months.

Anyway, guys, if you don’t know Dan, you need to get to know Dan. Dan is a funny guy. He’s got some really great stories. He’s got a lovely wife. His wife is amazing too. It’s just really a blessing to have people like Dan working within Northwest Enforcement and doing the things that Dan does. Showing the love and the care and the respect he has for our communities. He works up in the Longview office, so many of us down here in the Portland area don’t see Dan very often except for events and parties and things like that. Which he always comes to because he loves being a part of the team. And that’s just like another reason to be thankful because he’s part of our family and he loves to be around us.

So Dan, I’m thankful for the example you show to everybody that you meet. Not just people that work here, but people in our community. That you show our core values in a deep and personal way every day that you work. And you work so hard to do that. So very thankful for Dan.

Again if you don’t know him, you too would be thankful when you meet him. Just reach out to him when we have a barbecue here coming up. He should go, give him a big hug. Sit down, tell a couple stories, listen to his stories, share some information. You might find out that you love stuff that he loves. I believe he loves bird hunting too. He likes to go out shooting. He likes shooting his guns. If that’s something you enjoy, you might want to hang out with him and he can show you a few ropes, and you guys can go out and get dinner together.

All right, well Dan again, dude, I’m thankful today is your day. We’re so thankful, so so thankful for you. All right, the rest of you, get out there and be valuable because nothing less will do, just like Dan Golding does every day. All right, I’ll see you guys soon. Bye, see ya.