Little Things Matter

Little Things Matter

Hey team, here we are. So, Wednesday Workshop. Now I am pretty excited. I read this quote earlier and I want to want to read it to you. I want you to understand it. It’s kind of amazing to me because it’s not something I’m really super-duper good at. It’s something I want to be better at. But we have members on our team that are fabulous at this, and I guess that’s why God sent them to us because we need people like this. 

J. Willard Marriott said “It is the little things that make the big things possible. Only close attention to the fine details of any operation makes the operation first class.” Let me read that again. “It is the little things that make the big things possible. Only close attention to the fine details of any operation makes the operation first class.” We have our core purpose. It says, be valuable because nothing less will do. We talk about investment, transparency, resolve, and all those things. They weave up into, again, that core purpose, and who we are but the little things that we do, the fine details really do matter.

You can have the idea to have this great sound system on the gun range, for example. So, that I could speak without having to yell, and scream, and holler. I’ve done this once before you might think. Maybe just a little bit once, maybe. And you have the speakers, you’ve got all the stuff. You’ve got the microphones. You have all that stuff, but you forgot the batteries or the extension cord.

It is the little details that make the operation first class. 

But we do have people here that are very focused on the fine details. The little things. I’m going to name a few because they just keep coming into my mind. The first one is my wife, Karen. She is a fine details person. So, much, so that it frustrates me. It does, sometimes. But she is very fine detail oriented. She makes a list, she checks off each little thing, and she makes sure that every single piece is there and is done. 

Codie is another one. So is Caid. To some and I really believe this is also true, so is Greg and Sonja. We have some people that get the job done to the end and think about all the individual little pieces. Codie for sure because she is like a mirror of my wife Karen. She is just like that. Getting things done, making a list, and looking at all the small things that are needed to make sure that it all happens. 

That’s what I love about our team.

Is that we have people that are thinking about the small things. So, that the great things that we do are truly possible and that they are truly first class. So, that people like me that have great ideas and are fabulous at getting things started but can forget the extension cord. The little things matter.

Yep, that is something I need to work on. I need to get better at paying attention to the small things, making a better list, and checking off as we go down that list. Again, until I do get to that level of perfection, I am super grateful and super glad that we have men and women like I’ve mentioned on our team that do that task.

I know that many of you that are watching this are either grateful for somebody in your life that does this task or you yourself are sitting back going you know what, I am that person and I do check off those things. I do pay attention to the small things. What I do is important.  

Sometimes you get chided. I know, I have done that. Where you get made fun of for focusing too much on the little things. Well for that, I am sorry, because the people like me need so badly the people like you. So, if you were one of those little things people, thank you for being part of the team. Thank you for doing what you do. Thank you and don’t stop because we need you. So, that the people like me don’t forget the extension cord, and the batteries as we go.

 So, until next Wednesday, I want to just say thank you. Be valuable because nothing less will do.

 God bless you.

See you next week.