Chad Thanks Karen Withrow

Karen Withrow

Hey team. All right, so here we are, last Thursday in August, and today is Thankful Thursday. It also happens to be Karen’s birthday. So who are we thankful for? That’s right, our president, our leader.

I am so thankful for you, Karen, not just because you’re a great leader at work, but you’re a great leader at home. You’re good with our boys. You’re just a fabulous person to be around. And I, out of everybody at Northwest Enforcement, have been blessed to be around you for a little over 30 years now. So I’m excited about that too.

I don’t know what to say about Karen that hasn’t probably already been said or felt by everybody on the team. Her ability to stick to a project and continue it on to completion, her diligence even through suffering and not feeling well. She puts her head down and she just keeps driving forward. Sometimes that’s a blessing, sometimes that feels a little bit more like a curse, especially when you’re her husband.

But she has a mission and she has a care and a deep compassion for people like I’ve never seen before. Heck, she puts up with me for a little over 30 years, so right there you have it. She really cares about people, and it shows not only in her. It trickles down from leadership through her to all of us. And because of that care, we succeed so greatly.

So today, Karen, happy birthday. You’re looking pretty good for 29, and we love you. We appreciate you, and we are super duper thankful for you. So today is your day in more ways than one, and we just want to say thank you and tell you how much we appreciate you today and every day.

So thank you for the rest of the team. Just because it’s Thursday, just because it’s Karen’s birthday, doesn’t mean that we can shirk our responsibilities. So let’s get to work. Remember, be valuable because nothing less will do.

And I will see you guys next week. God bless you. Enjoy your weekend as it’s coming up here, and know that it’s important to do all the things that you do. Keep at it, keep those tasks moving, and we will see you next week.

Again, Karen, today’s your day. Happy birthday and Thankful Thursday.