Chad Thanks James Braaten

James Braaten

Hey guys, all right? Thankful Thursday, that’s right. We’re back! Thankful Thursday.

So today is the 8th of September, and so who could we possibly be thankful for? Well, for me personally, I was thinking earlier this week, and it’s James. That’s right, James. Some of you, I think everybody here knows James because James has made your lives that much better.

Every single person, every aspect of everything that we do here, pretty much in the company, is touched by our software. And James is the keeper of the software. He has helped orchestrate and he takes the great ideas that we have that have come up with or Greg comes up with or Cade comes up with, or you come up with.

Sometimes some of the ideas that we have come directly from a particular security officer or patrol officer. They say, ‘Hey, could the software do x?’ And James’s answer 99.999% of the time is, ‘Yeah, I think we could do that.’ And the next thing you know, there it is.

So everything that we do that makes our job a little bit better, a little bit faster, a little bit easier. From report writing to logging information for camps and different things in the central east side, to counting this or counting that inventory, tying into schedule and software, and for payroll. All the different things that go on, James has built a connection to make our jobs a little bit easier.

When a new hire calls in, putting them into the system, you name it. Again, I can’t think of very many things that we do here that there isn’t a software-capable component. Even the way our radios work and the connection of reminding us to pay attention to officers out there on the street. All of our connectivity comes from our software, and James is the keeper of the software, the builder of the software.

And so James, we are super thankful. I personally am super thankful for your dedication, your smartness. Your brain is amazing, and friend, I love you, brother. It has been so great to have you a part of this team for the number of years you’ve now been here. You started out, you worked here for like three years just kind of helping out on the side and doing a little bit.

When I asked you to come full time, it has been a joy every minute of every day, and I hope you feel the same way. We have truly appreciated everything that you bring to the team. Your humility, your tenacity, your focus, your work around outside the box thinking. All of those things, you totally nail it every single time, and I love your brother.

So, and again, we share the same birth date. So, it’s kind of nice that we’re both born on the same day in July. I’m just a couple hundred years older than you, but ultimately still love your brother.

So, guys, if you don’t know James or you haven’t talked to James, you should. Run into him at a barbecue. You should give him a hug at the Christmas dinner. James is a fabulous guy. Reach out, tell James how much you appreciate him because the things he does make our lives easier and better and make the clients happier, which is a good thing.

So, again, thank you, James. Today’s your day, buddy. Thankful Thursday. God bless you guys. All right, have a wonderful day. Bye. See ya.