Team Bonding

Team Bonding

Hey team, so here we are another Wednesday Workshop.

I was reading John Maxwell. Some of you know that he’s one of my favorite leadership reads, I’ve read, I don’t know, a few dozen of his books, and yeah, right? I know. Some of you are sitting there going “A few dozen? A dozen is 12, Chad!” You’re right! I think the man is written over 70 some books. So, I haven’t even read them all, but I’ve read quite a few of them. He drops a lot of truth and is a very inspirational writer. Those of you that are looking to find something to inspire you, to grow, and become better in your arena, and influence, and leadership, you should definitely read John Maxwell. Anyway, don’t want to get off course… Wednesday Workshop.

He said, “Teams that don’t bond can’t build.” and it got me thinking again, obviously, about Northwest Enforcement, Inc. Teams that don’t bond together cannot build anything, because they’re not a cohesive unit. They’re not together and in purpose and in unity.  

Brought me back to my military thinking. Being in the Marine Corps. A lot of times, some of you probably have seen movies around this theme, after a soldier gets injured or hurt on the battlefield. They are in a hurry to get back to their unit and get back out there with the team because they believe that the team needs them, and the team does. They believe that the team is stronger when the unit is cohesively solidified together. It’s why a lot of military soldiers when they lose somebody on the battlefield, they feel like they lost a part of themselves.

So, when I think about Northwest Enforcement, Inc. in this way, cohesive unit building. I think back to when we didn’t have a very solid team. And how that felt to constantly be running after stuff to try to get things done and sometimes, I mean, it still feels that way in shapes and forms, but we have such a more solid cohesive team today, especially in our leadership.

We’re working hard to have that spread out to the entire team and squad throughout every area, but even the individual teams, the Central East Side team, and the patrol team, and the leadership executive team, and the operations department, and Shaun’s group up in Longview, and how all those units kind of fit together in different ways. I see the leadership growing, and growing, growing and I see more and more people wanting to be a part of it.

I see more people taking sacrifices to do a great thing here at Northwest Enforcement, Inc. and it brings me great joy to know that we’re building that thing that I saw in my head. What felt like decades ago and it’s starting to come to pass in little bits and shapes and forms. It makes me very thankful to have great men and women like yourselves on our team.

So, if you’re new here, join in, lean into it, push forward with us. You have great leaders, great, great leaders. Men and women that truly care about you, and care about what’s happening here. They want to build you into the best person that you can be for your life and your family’s life. Lean into that. If you’ve been here a little while and haven’t jumped in with both feet, jump in with both feet. Reminds me of a story of jumping off the tower into a pool of water, I’ll have to tell you about that sometime. I almost went down that…, right! Squirrel!! No, I’m not gonna go there, right? Let’s stick with the Wednesday Message.

We want to build. We want to keep building and the best way to build is to be a cohesive unit, to be bonded together. Sometimes the best way to do that is through our barbecues. We just had one back in August, where we had 2-3 or 4 actually because I had people come over. I had teams come over I served the patrol team leaders, and I cooked for them because I love them.

I got to cook for the CEIC, and I love them and I got to cook for the greater leadership. We had a leadership lunch here at my house, and that was awesome! Some of you are going, “But, Chad, you just like to cook.” You’re right, I do. I like to cook and I like to serve you. Why? I like to serve you because you do such a great service to our community. I care about you because you care about me because you care about us. That is a cohesive bonding that happens.

So, Wednesday Workshop. Guys, thank you. Almost sounds a little bit like a cohesive Thankful Thursday, doesn’t it? Anyway, God bless you guys. Love you so much. Karen, and I, the boys, we appreciate you, and your hard work, and your dedication every day. Thank You for the hard work you continue to put in every day.

All right you guys get back to work because being valuable there is nothing less that would do.

Thank you, guys.