Resolve: Greg

Resolve to overcome

Hey team. Alright, so here we are for a Monday Message, and this Monday I wanted to talk about resolve. It’s one of our core values – improvise, adapt, and overcome. It comes a little bit from my years in the Marine Corps. As a matter of fact, before that, I’m wearing the Marine Corps shirt. Marine Corps birthday is coming up, going to be 247 years old. Some of you are looking at me, going, “Chad, you don’t look a day over 240.” Thank you, I appreciate that. Been around a long time.

But today, I want to do something a little bit different, not just talk about the core value, but I want to wrap it around a person who works here, and that person is Greg. Greg has been here; he’s going on 14 or 15 years. I think it’s 14 years now, somewhere around 2009, so yeah, something like that. I think June of next year. Greg has been instrumental, and he has shown his ability for resolve, his ability to improvise when things are tough and hard, to adapt to the situation and the scenario, and to overcome with excellence. And that has been such a blessing.

I joke around a lot. I say, “You know, I tell people, I say, you know, Greg saves us more than he makes every year. The only problem is, he spends more than he saves.” But the reality, the true reality is that Greg has done so many things. I mean, I remember when we bought the Prius C’s, where we thought they were going to be this great deal, and they have been a great deal, but then the batteries died too fast. They only made it like 135,000-140,000 miles, and a replacement battery, to be put into the car, was somewhere in the neighborhood of six or seven thousand dollars. And we were like, “Wow, that’s all expensive.”

And so Greg goes and he improvises. He watches a YouTube video, and he goes, “I think I can do this.” He goes and he researches and gets a refurbished battery and puts it in the car. We’ve done that now four, five, six times. He has saved us forty-fifty thousand dollars because of his ability to improvise and adapt to the scenario at hand and to overcome.

So, resolve is one of our core values, and Greg emulates that, hands down, time and time again. And I’ve seen others on his team and our team, just in general, take from Greg’s ability to do that; they have learned to do it too. And I really appreciate the fact that our company is always looking to improvise.

So, as you go forward here at Northwest Enforcement and as your focus, remember that core value: improvise, adapt, overcome, and have resolve. Don’t quit, stick to it. Come up with a plan; sometimes plan A doesn’t work, improvise, come up with a plan B, C, D, E, whatever it takes to continue with excellence and grow. Be valuable because nothing less will do, and I will see you next week. Remember, resolve – it’s important. We’re awesome, you’re awesome, we’re going to be awesome together. I hope you’re enjoying this fall weather. God bless you; I’ll see you next week.