Chad Thanks Jeff Berry

Jeff Berry

Hey, all right. So, here we are. September is almost coming to a close. I hope back to school is working for you. Today happens to be Thankful Thursday again, and we are thankful. We are so thankful. Today we’re going to be just celebrating our thankfulness for Jeff Berry. Came to us a little over, oh man, it’s almost been two years, I think now.

Jeff is now our coordinator that helps out in sales, and he also helps out in quality assurance and stuff. Jeff gets calls from clients that are not super happy sometimes. We’ve made a mistake, sometimes it’s miscommunication, and Jeff handles that really, really well. He cares deeply about our team. He cares deeply about our company and our clients as well as the community we serve.

Jeff, we just really appreciate that. It’s also very helpful that Jeff takes on and helps write contracts and stuff for new clients that want to come on board. When we get those phone calls and stuff for Codie because she is so darn busy. She’s able to release and hand off to Jeff those kinds of things to get those things started, getting new clients up and on board, and making sure that we understand exactly what they’re looking for. Making sure that we get the post orders written correctly, all those different aspects that help along so that the patrol team and the operations can succeed. Jeff helps make that possible.

So Jeff, today is your day, buddy, and we want to say thank you. Just thank you. We are very thankful for the hard work and dedication that you put in and helping our new clients on board, to helping our clients understand our mission and our purpose, to helping our team understand that when we make a mistake, how we can better fix that, so that your collaboration with the operations team making sure that those mistakes go away, and that communication and understanding happens on both sides of the fence so that we can be valuable because nothing else will do.

All right, guys, Thankful Thursday. Remember Jeff, if you haven’t met him, man, you should meet him. Go out, have a cup of coffee, spend some time with him. When we have a barbecue or Christmas is coming up, make sure you sit down, have a meal with him and son Gabe. It’s an awesome little guy, his wife, who’s going through nursing school. We just really celebrate you today, Jeff. All right, God bless you guys.