Let’s Celebrate!

We Celebrate

Hey Team, all right, here we are for Monday Message. Yeah, Monday Message. Well, as you can see behind me, it says, “Let’s celebrate.” We have a core value that says, “We eat cake because we celebrate like a family.” This is a bittersweet situation, but it happens. And we want to embrace it and get excited about it as best as we can.

Toby has taken a position working for another organization, following his dream of helping people. I think everybody here knows Toby. If you don’t know Toby, oh my goodness, you better hurry up. Give that guy a hug, meet him, get his digits. You’re going to want to sit down and have a cup of coffee with him or maybe go out to lunch with him at some point, even after he leaves. I’m looking forward to continuing our relationship, Toby. You have hands down been instrumental in the growth of our company and the value of our company. We celebrate you, we thank you.

It’s not easy; I’ve been doing this for over 22 years. I’ve had guys go become cops, and I’ve had guys move on in better ways for themselves. I believe that you’re going to excel, and you are going to touch many lives in your future. You have touched my life. You have touched the lives of so many people here at Northwest Enforcement. So we want to say thank you and celebrate your decision to grow and follow your dreams. We all need to do it. So I am so excited for you, and I know that where you’re going, they’re going to be blessed to have you, and you’re going to be blessed and bless others.

So we’re excited for you; we’re not going to miss you, and you’re going to leave a big void. But we are a better company because you were here. I’d like to think, like I tell the leadership team many times over, that you’re moving on and that you’re better because of your time here, and that relationship can and will continue. You’re not going to be far; you’re still going to be around. So I’m sure we’ll still run into you. Maybe we’ll reach out and have you come over for a barbecue or something, or maybe hang out with us in the times to come.

But team, I just want to recognize Toby on this Monday as he’s getting ready to move on and follow his dreams. I want to congratulate him and celebrate. We are a family, and Toby’s still a part of our family even though he’s leaving the company. He is going to continue to do the things that we’ve been doing here in a different way, for a different place, at a different location, but he’s still going to be helping people, being valuable, and taking the way we believe wholeheartedly to reach out and care for others because nothing else will do. So, for that, Toby, we’re excited for you; we’re going to miss you, but we are excited that you are following your dreams.

On this Monday Workshop, Monday message, it’s wrapped around one of our most favorite core values: we like to eat cake because we are a family. So congratulations, Toby, and we will see you again, I’m sure, real soon in the future. And for the rest of us, let’s take Toby’s example, be valuable because nothing less will do. Keep being valuable just like Toby is, on a consistent basis, on a regular basis, on a daily basis, and I will see you all next week. God bless and have a wonderful week.