Toby Thanks Lieutenant Khan

Lieutenant Khan

Hey team, so here we are again for another Thankful Thursday. I wanted to share with you a little bit of information. We’re going to be changing some things up in the near future and adding some stuff.

But I had to thank you for the Thursday that came in a little bit time ago. It came from one of our CEIC officers. Most of you know Toby; he’s a great guy. Toby was working one evening, and we had a break-in that happened on property in the Central East Side. Toby had been the person that responded.

In the process of all that, the perpetrators of the break-in also broke his car window. Toby was thankful that Lieutenant Khan came and helped him. He helped clean the broken glass out of his driver’s seat, he helped him get to the Halsey office, he helped handle all the logistics of the matter.

It was because of all those things, helpful part of the team kind of things, it made Toby feel very thankful to have a team of people and people like Lieutenant Khan around him to assist him in a time where sometimes things, you get your car window broken out, you’re dealing with knuckleheads, it can be a very emotional and frustrating time.

Lieutenant Khan, Toby is thankful for you, and I am thankful for you. I think our entire team, most of the people on patrol, those that have met you, are thankful for you. And so because of that, today’s your day, bro. We just wanted to say thank you for being awesome because we are thankful for the things that you do for us every day.

And so again, remember team, be valuable because nothing less will do, just like Lieutenant Khan and Toby. Thank you for noticing and recognizing, even in the time of turmoil and strife and things that were going on in your work, night, you noticed that another team member was stepping up to our core values and helping you out and being the person that he is, a really faithful, hard-working, dedicated team member that cares about the people he works with. So again, thank you to all.

Right, let’s get back to work. See you guys soon.