Integrity, Influence and Impact

Integrity Influence impact

Hey team! All right, so here we are for Wednesday Workshop. I happen to be in Amelia Island, Florida, outside of Jacksonville. At a leadership conference today. As you can see the sun is coming up behind me. It’s a little overcast because there’s a hurricane on the other side of Florida that’s gonna be landing later today…I think, tomorrow. I’m gonna be OK because I’m totally on the opposite side of Florida where the hurricane is gonna be landing. I’m sure that we’re gonna end up with some higher winds here.

But I wanted to share with you a little bit of what I’ve been learning at this leadership conference, and more importantly, three particular words. Three particular words that have been popping up into my mind time and time again. The first one that I heard at this conference that kind of just came into my mind was the simple word of integrity. Our integrity. We talk about that in our core values. We talk about integrity and the importance of our integrity. But our integrity, it galvanizes us and it draws people to us, which gives us influence. 

When we have the influence, we can make an impact. Integrity, influence, and impact. These are the three words I want you to understand. We’ll talk more about them in leadership. We’re going to talk about them. You, as leaders, those of you that are in the leadership class, your integrity matters so deeply, and importantly because it gives you influence in the lives of the people around you. 

Secondly, it then makes you be able to make an impact on their lives because you build trust. When you’ve built that trust and that relationship with people, they have a reason to want to know more from you and get to know you better. Because of that, you have an impact to make life-changing, impactful changes in their lives through your influence, and through your words, and through your heart. 

We do the same thing as a team through the community. When the community trusts us, because of our integrity,  we have influence and that influence can make changes that can be life-impacting for people long-term. When I think of the CEIC team, I think of the same thing. The impact that we make in the lives because of the integrity our team has. The impact that is made because of their influence in the lives of others.

So, on this Wednesday Workshop I just wanted to share those three words. Maybe a little bit of a beautiful view of the beach. So, that you understand the importance of the impact that we have, because of our Influence. But most importantly because of our Integrity. 

You don’t get Influence not positive Influence without Integrity and you don’t make a positive lasting impact without those three things together. They are a combination of a powerful message.

 All right guy’s Workshop Wednesday is over. Be valuable because nothing less will do.

 I’ll see you next week!