Ivesha Harris Thanks the WinCo Team

WinCo Rovers

Hey team, all right. So hey, we have a Thankful Thursday. Wow, in leadership, I set up a challenge to the leaders in the class. I asked them about Thankful Thursday. I wanted to get some other perspectives.

As the Vice-President here, I do not get out into the field and get to see all the amazing things that you guys do. So I asked, hey, who would like to take up this challenge? One of the first people in the class to take up the challenge was Ivesha Harris. She reached out and she sent me a little note. I got it right here. She wanted to say that she is thankful for the other people on the WinCo roving team and all the help that they are. Specifically, District 160.

Saying thank you. Reaching out, and saying, “You guys are awesome, and you did such a great job and you’re helpful to me.” She feels thankful for that, and what a neat thing, right? To go to work knowing that your team members that you work with are there to help you out, there to got your back every night, every day. So, Ivesha, thank you so much for jumping within minutes, starting to write down pen to paper about what you’re thankful for, so that we could reach out and tell them that.

And I gotta be honest, I agree. I’m super thankful for all of our officers, including you, for the hard work that you guys are doing with WinCo. WinCo really appreciates us, and they are a growing client. They have a lot of stores, they have a lot of locations throughout both Oregon and Washington. And we keep growing because we keep doing a great job. Ivesha, that is because of you. It is because of the other officers in the other districts that are working both night and day at the different stores and the hard work that they put in on a daily basis.

So, we are thankful, very thankful for our WinCo Rovers and the officers that are working at those locations. So, guys, thank you so much. I wish I got something special for you on your next time when you come to leadership. I’m gonna have you do a wheel spin because being one of the first people to take me up on my challenge and before you even walk out of the building, already be thankful and putting forth that effort. I really appreciate that.

So I want to reward that hard work and effort that you put in and noticing the other team members that you work with. So thank you for that, and you get a wheel spin next Wednesday night when you walk in. As a matter of fact, by the time this gets posted, you have already had your wheel spin. But I’m letting everybody else know that you got a wheel spin because you step forward and you said thank you to somebody else on the team, and that is important to us here too.

Again, guys, be valuable because nothing less would do. We have great team members just like you out there doing great work. Keep it up. God bless. I’ll see you guys next week.