Chad Thanks Eddie & Faith

Eddie & Faith

Hey team, here we are again. Another Thankful Thursday, and today’s Thankful Thursday comes from one of our clients. I actually had the Executive Director for the Central East Side. I had a meeting earlier this month with them, and we chatted. They explained to me that they were out at a site on a particular day, and there was a houseless member in crisis, dealing with some substance issues at the moment. They were crying, screaming, and dealing with some stuff. I think we all can relate to some degree in different ways.

Two of our care team members, Faith and Eddie, showed up. The two of them went out and spent some time with this person. They showed a great amount of restraint, empathy, and care. They just spent time fellowshipping with this individual and working with them. I find that to be uplifting. It uplifts my heart to see that others recognize our team members and the value that they put in, and the effort they go through to give their best in times of crisis to other individuals.

So, I can’t help but say, Absolutely, we’re thankful for you, Faith, and we are thankful for you, Eddie. It was really great to see that the director of an organization that we serve and work for was able to witness that in that moment. Because I know that dozens of residents and people out there on the street witness you guys, and you don’t do it to show, you do it because you care. That goes back to our core values. It’s because of your humility and your investment to give more than maybe you can get to help people that can never help you. Who can do nothing for you, but you’re there to help them in their time of crisis and need.

I, like the director of the Central East Side, am so thankful that we have you on our team. So thank you, guys. We appreciate you all.

Right, everybody, let’s get out there, just like Eddie and Faith are every day, and let’s give back to our community. Let’s be valuable because nothing less will do. I’ll see you guys next week.